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District 9 Most films about the rigid apartheid reg
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ime in South Africa are biopics, recounting the experiences

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of very real South Africans and their struggles with the oppressive political system that dominated their country for most of the twentieth century. But in an inspired undertaking, Neil Blomkamp made a film about the corruptness of apartheid with a plot featuring aliens. Because of the high caliber of his movie “District 9,” (2009) he was selected to film a new “Alien” movie.
“District 9” is set in Johannesburg, best known as the epicenter of the South African political struggle. Known as “prawns” the extraterristrials, are forced to live in very poor neighborhoods, reminiscent of the townsh womens asics tiger ips that once confined urban black South Africans. One day, Wikis Van De Merwe (played by Sharlto Copley), a field supervisor with the Department of Alien Affairs, onitsuka tiger instagram gets assigned to head a relocation program for the prawns. While in the area with the aliens, Wikis is exposed to a substance that makes him sick and changes his DNA. His body starts to become more like a body of one of the aliens. He goes on the run, and he is ultimately helpe tiger shoes japan d by
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a few of the prawns.
“District 9” is well-directed by Neil Blomkamp. He makes it in the style of a documentary and features various interviews with the main characters. Also, Blomkamp does a great job with the action scenes. The shootouts are very violent and intense.
Sharlto Copley is excellent in the lead role. Completely assuming human superiority, he makes Wikis unlikable in the early scenes as he denigrates and abuses the prawns. But then he changes as he has to deal with a dangerous substance.
“District 9” is a must-see for fans of science fiction movies, as well as fans of action movies.